Regulatory Compliant Best Practices 

Organic Guild’s  team integrates cultivation-to-consumption Certified Organic value-chains to deliver bioactive, ground-breaking Nutraceuticals & Natural Health Products. Our essential oil infused vegetable glycerin vapour liquids contain no tobacco compounds.

In the US, EU and similar jurisdictions, we are not regulated by the FDA drug or tobacco laws. We are governed by USDA and other countries’ National Organic Programs.

Organic Guild is at the core of industry innovations bringing organic vapour to global markets, with or without cannabinoids, while adhering fully to regional laws and public policy.

We are adept at the precisely calibrated infusion of vegetable glycerin with expertly selected and crafted whole-plant extracts, ranging from easy to work with simple bio-actives to expensive and complex resinous compounds. These are made from herbs, spices, flowers, barks and roots that are Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) and in accordance to the joint New Zealand / Australia / Canada Natural Health Products Database of suggested dosage and daily guidelines.

Organic Guild is at the core of a tightly woven group of companies holding a unique position in the nicotine-free Certified Organic vapor industry. Our international lab tested, regulated hemp CBD extract-infused product lines are simply the best on the market. We are unmatched in whole-plant terpene flavour-and-effect formulation and production. We have privately supplied the most famous brands of personal aromatherapy diffusers and pods with organic glycerin + whole-plant-extracts formulated for Flavour & Effect. We develop and deliver cultivation-to-consumption business strategies and turn-key facilities.

For our member partners, Organic Guild cuts through government red tape, industry gatekeepers and competitive roadblocks. We offer positive, creative business services that combine grounded, rapidly deployed value-chain solutions to the growing, extracting, processing, manufacturing, packaging and administration of bioactives in all forms. Our intimate industry knowledge and international distribution networks in the organic vapour field are unmatched.

We deliver product lines perfectly suited for partners’ regions, target markets and desired bioactive experiences. We integrate organic effects and flavours into delicious, healthy, feel-good products and brands. 

Organic bioactives, whether in the form of edibles, drinks, skin care or vapor liquid, require in-depth scientific and therapeutic knowledge to ensure proper concentrations, freshness of organic deliverables and optimal dosage as GRAS Natural Health Products.

Along every stage of the organic value-chain, from seed-to-sale, Organic Guild’s technological expertise assures rapid development of products and services that enable our partners to bring to market world-class product lines and manufacturing facilities. We engage via a series of iterative prototypes, testing and perfecting appropriate sized batches for clients’ target markets.

For our closest partners, Organic Guild deploys international turn-key Certified Organic processing factories, utilizing high tech, proprietary methods of manufacturing. Our facilities come with a full enterprise resource platform back-office system for regulatory and corporate administration, including track-and-trace inventory, accounting, etc.

With headquarters in New Zealand, Organic Guild engages extensive research and development of botanical strains  traditionally regarded around the world as highly beneficial for general human use. OG members then use precise, proprietary processes to grow, extract, formulate, and process unique bioactive product lines.

With our consortium partners, we supply:
– highest quality certified organic ingredients
– extensively experienced therapeutic and executive industry advice
– production and design services for every stage of the value-chain
– from soil nutrients to seeds to feedstock to extracts to manufacturing processes to consumer technology.